Concierge at Boardmasters with Jack & Josh


8th - 13th August 2017

Volunteering as a Charity Concierge is always great fun. You work in teams with your mates and camp together in our own camp site with hot showers. You also get loads of time off to enjoy the festival, with no really late night shifts, and you're working in the main arena helping out friendly festival-goers who are happy to see you. 

But at Boardmasters this year, there's an extra incentive: you will get the chance to work a shift with stars of YouTube, Jack Maynard or Josh Pieters! Jack and Josh will be coming to the festival to join us for a day to work with two lucky concierge teams, and make a video to appear on YouTube.

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At Boardmasters we will be offering the waiter and tent pitching services, so as a concierge you will roam the main arena and get people drinks from the bar, skipping the queue or help people put up their tents.

Concierges will have varied roles at  Boardmasters, depending on the day and time of your shifts. The best concierges are friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. They work hard as well as play hard and are willing to approach people to offer the service, and chat to them about the wonderful work that does.

TENT PITCHING Helping people put up their tents when they arrive on the Friday. If you're not confident arrive early to be trained!


Helping people put up their tents when they arrive on the Friday. If you're not confident arrive early to be trained!

WAITER SERVICE Roam the main arenas and get people drinks from the bar, skipping the queue. Be everyone's favourite person.


Roam the main arenas and get people drinks from the bar, skipping the queue. Be everyone's favourite person.



As a team leader, you’ll be responsible for a team of up to ten concierges, making sure everyone knows what they are doing, that they are being the best Concierges they can be, and that if anything goes wrong, a member of staff knows about it straight away. If you're interested, just tick the box on the registration form and we'll be in touch.

WHEN do you need me?

At Boardmasters, we will need you onsite by 6pm on Tuesday 8th August. This will give you time to get set up and signed in in time for the vital briefing and social activities later that evening. If you are not confident pitching tents, please arrive at 12pm for training.

The shifts are between 4 and 7 hours long, and you get one full day off so that you have plenty of time to enjoy the festival! The last shift will finish at 9pm on Sunday 13th August, so you're free to leave any time after this. 

In the case of sickness or other unforeseen circumstances we might also ask for a bit of extra help, so we do ask for some flexibility to make the service run as well as is possible!


Although we will provide you with a ticket, uniform and everything you need for your shift, there are costs involved with going to any festival which you must be aware of:

  • You will be required to pay a fully refundable deposit of £75 when you register. This secures us against people who want the free ticket but aren't planning to do the work. If you fail to attend all of your shifts without a good reason (e.g. sickness, with a note from the medical centre), or if you are ejected from site by security or the Charity Concierge team, you will lose this deposit and a further £100. For more information see the FAQs.

  • There will be a free coach from Newquay station to the festival site at 4pm on Tuesday 8th August, however it will be your own responsibility to organise transport to there, including any costs.

  • Food and drink at the festival.

  • We will provide you with your Concierge T-Shirt, however we ask that you bring your own black trousers/skirts/leggings or other variation of black bottom-half attire to go with this.

  • You will also need to provide your own tent and festival gear (wellies, warm jumpers, waterproofs etc. - we’ll give you a full list closer to the time).

How do I get to work with Jack and Josh?

When you fill in the registration form, use the "work with friends" option to let us know that you want to work a shift with Jack or Josh. The team will decide which lucky Charity Concierges will be featured. You will get bonus points if you are nice to staff, submit all your information promptly and are polite and helpful. Other than that, you'll just need to be lucky! 


Concierges will be serving alcohol at the events, therefore you will have to supply proof that you are over the age of 18 on the starting date of the event. Please do not register if you will not be 18 at this time.

More information about your specific shifts, what to do when you arrive onsite, the camping arrangements and what to bring with you will be released closer to the festival. If you have any questions not related to these things, you can get in touch with Holly on 07751 768207 or

Follow the link below to register for Boardmasters. You will be taken to the main website, where we will take a £75 deposit and some personal information.

All details submitted to will be shared with Boardmasters, in order to issue your festival tickets.