Camp Bestival 2019: Vital Information

Below is lots of vital information you need to take a look at before coming to the festival. Please read it carefully and let us know if you have any questions!

You need to be onsite on Wednesday 24th July by 12pm. We’ll do a briefing and have a drive around the site in the afternoon.


You have now been assigned a team and shifts, which you can see here. Please note that these are not final - we may have more people register which would require some people to move to the opposite team.


We’ve created a handy pocket guide to help you onsite - it has tips on using the radio, rules for the buggies, a reminder of the shifts and some other key points. You can view it here. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SHIFT TIMES ARE INCORRECT IN THIS BOOKLET.


Here’s a link to the Facebook group, where you can talk lift shares and meet your team. We will also use it to share vital information like the team lists, arrival information and shift changes.

What to bring

  • Proof of your right to work - this is whatever you submitted when you registered, either a passport or a payslip and your birth certificate. (If you do not bring these, you may not be able to work)

  • Waterproofs, comfortable shoes & suncream.

  • Your camping gear.

  • If you're a driver, your driving license.

Getting there

Have a look at the Camp Bestival website to find the best way to get onsite. Be aware that any transport put on esepcially for the festival will not be running on Wednesday 24th (but you can use it to get offsite after the festival).

If you aren't able to get public transport, and requested a parking permit when you signed up, please post in the Facebook group to offer spaces in your car. We will only provide parking permits to people we have seen do this.

The address is: Lulworth Castle, East Lulworth, Dorset. Again, check the website for directions - they advise you not to use a satnav!

We will add details of our campsite here and in the Facebook group as soon as its confirmed. Look out for Charity Concierge signs, someone in a t-shirt, and a 3x3m purple gazebo.