Would your supporters enjoy volunteering?

We run a festival service called Charity Concierge. We take volunteers to music festivals and they drive buggies, put up tents and provide waiter services for donations. It's a really fun way to raise money, and the volunteers get a free ticket to the festival, work great shifts, and make some friends for life.


Let's work together

Like with any recruitment, it costs Child.org money to find our volunteers. But we'd rather this money goes to other charities than to big companies. That's why we offer a £15-per-volunteer fee for those put forward by other charities.

Your supporter gets:

  • A free festival
  • A great experience
  • To help you and Child.org

You get:

  • To offer your supporters a great opportunity
  • Happy supporters
  • A £15 donation

We get:

  • A much needed volunteer


The deal is available at Latitude in 2018. For information about the dates, roles and shifts at this event, click on the logo below. Make sure all of your volunteers read that information carefully before registering!

How does it work?

If you think you can provide us with a team, get in touch with hello@charityconcierge.org. One of the team will take your details, and issue you a personalised registration URL to help us track your supporters who sign up. They will just need to pay a security deposit of £75 (see our FAQs for more information about this, and get in touch with us if you'd like to arrange alternative security), upload a photo of themselves, and answer a few easy questions. It's a good idea to also keep a list of the volunteers you have provided, in case they don't enter it correctly.

Once the festival has finished, and your volunteers have completed all their shifts, we will make a donation to your organisation. 

Ready to Sign up?

To get started, just email hello@charityconcierge.org with the details of your charity and which events you are interested in. If you've already done this, just share the URL with your volunteers and get them registered ASAP!