Charity Concierge at your festival


What is charity concierge?

Charity Concierge is a set of services to improve the experience of festival-goers by removing the need to carry out mundane festival tasks like queuing for drinks, putting up tents and carrying bags.

After a successful 2015 pilot at Latitude Festival, Charity Concierge was at four events in 2016. We served over 12,000 people, and got fantastic feedback across the board.  

We worked with each event to provide the services they needed, which in 2016 included a drinks waiting service, breakfast delivery, tent pitching, bag portering and a festival taxi service. 

Charity Concierge is a visible force at any event, highlighting a commitment both to customer experience and charitable giving. With no cost to the festival, customers across the board are left with double the sense of satisfaction - they received a great service and helped children get a better education.


HOw would it work at MY event?

Charity Concierge works at a variety of different sorts of events - at it's core it is about providing a better customer experience, in whatever way necessary. This means we will work with you to come up with services to suit the needs at your festival.

Customers make a donation each time they use the service, and we work with sponsors to increase the income and keep the cost low to the consumer. This can take the form of 'matching' by the festival - as it did at Latitude and Download festivals in 2016 where the organisers matched each donation made - or we could work with you to find an external sponsor.

This is brilliant!
— Charity Concierge customer
You have literally saved my festival
— A relieved camper at Latitude 2016
This has extended my festival shelf life!
— Festival taxi customer, Latitude 2016
I need a concierge, STAT
— Festival camper craving bacon at 8am


Charity Concierge launched at Latitude in 2015. Last year, we took it to four fantastic events - Latitude, Download, V Festival and Electric Picnic. For 2017, we have already confirmed multiple UK and German festivals. If you want to add your event to the list, get in touch with 

Where the donations go


Imagine what a child could learn from a year’s uninterrupted education. They could learn anything, be anything. They could change the world.

We believe that every child deserves an equal opportunity, and we develop data-led programmes to help achieve this in some of the world's poorest countries.

Every penny raised by Charity Concierge helps to provide clean water, daily meals, deworming tablets, malaria nets, health education and more to help every child access the equal opportunities they deserve. Read more about our programmes.

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If you have any questions or want to make Charity Concierge happen at your event, get in touch with Holly on 07751 768207 or