Charity Concierge Festival Taxis 

Latitude Festival 2019

For the third year in a row, we will be running a fantastic festival taxi service at Latitude Festival. It's great for everyone. Our drivers can take you right from the festival entrance to your campsite. Or from your campsite to the arena. Or to see your friends in a different campsite. Or just for a drive around because golf buggies are fun.


We will be all over the Latitude site from Thursday at 11am until Monday afternoon, ready to get you from A to B.

To use the service, just wait at one of the 11 festival taxi stops (at the entrances and throughout the campsites - note that they do not operate in the car parks) and one of our special 6-seater, festival-approved golf buggy taxis will be along to take you where you need to go. They have trailers for your way in and out, and 5 spare seats to take you and your friends/family to the arena entrance and back again.

For information onsite, head to our Festival Taxi HQ between Pink Moon and Red Camping.


Thursday: 1100-2100

Friday: 1000-2100

Saturday: 1000-2100

Sunday: 0830-2000

Monday: 0830-1400


If you are using a buggy with a trailer, you can hire the whole thing for £25. If you are just getting a lift from A to B, we charge just £5 per person (with a minimum charge of £10 for a trip). Every penny that you donate goes to to help children in some of the world’s poorest countries get a decent education.


You will be asked to pay the driver before you get into the buggy. You can either pay with cash, or use Concierge Coins (which are worth £5 each, and you can buy them at a discounted rate in advance with your festival ticket).


Due to the nature of festival time-keeping, we don’t take bookings for the taxis. Lifts are given on a first come, first served basis, to keep the service operating as efficiently as possible. Our volunteers work hard to keep the service running as smoothly as possible, but at peak times there can be a wait for the buggies. In particular, we recommend arriving early on Monday to ensure you are able to get a buggy. 

Family camping

If you are coming in from the family car park, you can get a taxi to take your things from the car park to the queue, then grab another one just after you get your wristband to take you to the campsite. Please do not leave your children to queue for you as this is not fair on other passengers.

General/Pink Moon camping

There is a stop at the arena entrance, pink moon entrance and one each in red, yellow and green camping. The buggies can take you to the gate but not out into the car park due to health and safety restrictions.


The taxi service gets very busy to and from the campsites, so we have a strict one trip only policy. If you have more than one trip’s load of luggage, you’ll have to join the back of the queue to get another buggy. Our drivers will take you from the car park to entrance, entrance to the campsite, or back again, but people at the beginning of the queue will always have priority. This is to ensure that the service operates as fairly as possible for everyone.

It is important for safety reasons not to overload your buggy. The driver will tell you when no more can be fitted in safely, so please respect this.