Get more out of your festival volunteering. Be a Charity Concierge.

In 2018, we took more than 200 volunteers to three fantastic festivals, raising thousands for the children supported by

We are hard at work putting together our Charity Concierge summer plans, join the pool below to be the first in the know!

What does a CHARITY CONCIERGe do?

It's the best kind of festival volunteering there is. You'll do a series of shifts throughout the festival, you can work on teams with your friends and you'll have plenty of time off to enjoy yourself and see your favourite bands! 

You'll be doing things like providing waiter service, putting up tents, or driving a festival taxi (see details about these services below). And you'll hopefully raise about £200 for in the process.

It's a hugely rewarding way to take part in some of the best festivals in the country. Join the Concierge pool and we'll be in touch with more information.


Buggy Driver Concierge

Driving a buggy around the campsite, giving people lifts in return for charity donations, helping people get their luggage from A to B. It's the most fun job on site, and you know it.

You'll need a full driver's licence to drive a buggy. But if you don't there are plenty of other fun roles, such as...

Drinks Concierge

When festival revelers have found the perfect spot in the crowd to watch their favourite act, they don't want to have to leave and queue at the bar.

Enter Charity Concierge: for a small charity donation you'll nip to the bar, and thanks to your exclusive queue-jump, you'll be back in no time. The best part is, you'll spend your whole shift in the main arena listening to the bands as you bring people beers!

Luggage shuttle Concierge

When festival-goers arrive and the thought of a mile long trek to the campsite doesn't appeal, we will be there waiting to check in their bags airport-style and transport them directly to their chosen campsite!

Work on the ground spreading the word about the service and checking in people's bags, or be one of our shuttle drivers taking everything from A to B. The shifts are before and after the festival, so you'll have lots of time off during the main event!


Tent Concierge

Nothing makes you feel like a superhero like putting up a tent!

You'll look out for camping novices, staring helplessly at their bundle of poles and canvas. Armed with a mallet and extra pegs, you'll help them to miraculously conjure robust sleeping compartments, earning both their admiration and charity donation! The best part? By the end of your shift you'll be a tent expert and no combination of colour-coded poles will ever phase you again.

Join US AT 2019 festivals 

Being a Charity Concierge is unlike any other festival volunteering experience. The work is fun and engaging and you'll enjoy the feeling of raising life-changing funds, while offering festival customers a service they really want! Be a part of our fantastic, fun team of people working to change the lives of vulnerable children. Join the Concierge pool for regular updates about which festivals we will be at and how to sign up.

Working with leading festivals, in the UK and Ireland


Imagine what a child could learn from a year’s uninterrupted education. They could learn anything, be anything. They could change the world.

Every penny raised by Charity Concierge helps to provide clean water, daily meals, deworming tablets, malaria nets, health education and more to children who deserve an equal opportunity. Read more about our programmes.

Our volunteers love the fact that they're collecting real donations in person that will have a real impact on the lives of children living in African countries.

This is brilliant!
— Charity Concierge customer
I need a concierge, STAT
— Festival camper craving bacon at 8am
The friendliest team, incredible music and an amazing charity! No better way to spend a weekend!
— Kitty, Charity Concierge at Latitude 2015
I can’t imagine many jobs where people are so eager and happy to give their money over. The work is fun and the cause is good!
— Richard, Charity Concierge at Latitude 2015

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